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Cool RC Stuff:

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Well then, here's the deal:
When I put this page up over 2 years ago, I had great dreams of making a fortune selling RC stuff on the net.

WELL! So far, I've sold 10 mixers (And a great big "Thank you" to those who bought them, your support is greatly appreciated). I haven't even sold enough to pay for the printed circuit boards I had made up. I don't reckon I'm ever going to strike it rich this way, so I've decided to drop the pretense and publish the construction details of the products I have developed so far.

Take a look at the AE110 Elevon Mixer, and CL110 Crash Locator "Beeper". The CL200 Beeper works for PPM and PCM, and is physically identical to the CL-110

As before, I am able to take orders for customised models and any other weird shit that you would like built.

Stay tuned, I'll upload a ton of stuff over the next couple of weeks.

NOTE: I still have lots of printed circuit boards, chips, switches etc. If you would like to make your life easier, I'm quite happy to sell them to you. Look here for details.

Index to Files:
AE-110 Elevon Mixer
CL-110 Crash Locator Beeper
CL-200 Crash Locator Beeper

If there's something you want, but don't see, contact
me and I'll just see if I can't build it for you.

Check out the Photo Album!

- So how does Radio Control work, anyway? I have developed a great presentation for this, but it's currently in MS Powerpoint format. When I have it converted to HTML, I'll post it here

Questions? Comments? Orders? E-mail me!
Tony Kerr
78 Lake Road
Blackburn, Victoria 3130